Disneyland Paris might just have the cutest new ad ever! Featuring an adorable duckling, the spot highlights the park’s new tagline “Where Magic Gets Real.”

The ad follows a baby duck who looks up to its comic-book idol, Donald Duck himself. Every day, the little duck pours over his comic book. However, when winter approaches, the duckling is forced to leave his beloved comic book behind.

Little does the duckling know, his family’s migration will lead them to Disneyland Paris, where he will meet his idol.

The skillful, hyper-realistic animation makes the ducks look perfectly cuddle-able, while the touching story captures the excitement and wonder of a child going to a Disney park for the first time. And because it doesn’t rely on any dialogue, anyone from any country can watch it and be touched by this sweet little duckling and its dream.

Needless to say, the advertisement has been extremely successful, being shared numerous times across all major social media platforms. How can you incorporate similar elements into your next ad campaign?