Identity theft on social media is a real danger. Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and over 20 other country and pop singers released a video advising fans to steer clear of imitators who are making false promises and requesting money from fans.

As The New York Times reported this week, the problem isn’t small: Facebook removed roughly 583 million fake accounts, most within minutes of creation, in January, February and March. Twitter said its software was identifying nearly 10 million ‘spammy or automated’ accounts a week.”

The issue of fake social media accounts masquerading as public figures is acute. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter teem with accounts that mimic ordinary people to spread propaganda or to be sold as followers to those who want to appear more influential. But millions of the phony profiles pose specifically as actors, singers, politicians and other well-known figures to broadcast falsehoods, cheat people out of money — or worse.

We encourage clients to stay vigilant and report any account impersonating an individual or company account associated with their organization.

Check out the video from artists to their fans, setting the record straight: