As the marketing world evolves, it’s critical to keep up with the latest changes on the horizon in order to be on the cutting edge. Looking to 2020, a focus on content marketing is central to the coming developments. In fact, a recent HubSpot study indicated that companies that run a blog have 55 percent more visitors and 434 percent more inbound links than their non-blogging counterparts, on average. These statistics reveal the necessity of investing in marketing and SEO practices which embrace thorough content creation. With this in mind, here are five defining online marketing tips of 2019:

1. Your content needs to have depth

If your brand features a variety of shallow, blasé, or basic content on its website or social media, that has to change! While in the past, such content might have been tolerated, consumers today are looking for something deeper and more comprehensive.

Search Engine Journal remarks:

Still publishing unplanned, unresearched, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants content?

Not going to work anymore. In fact, I could argue this method never worked in the first place.

Superficial content will get you superficial results, at best. There is rarely any value in content that skims the surface of a topic.

No value = no audience interest. No audience interest = no results.

2. Don’t be afraid to invest in the content creation process

Too often, marketing can become so centered around the product or the end goal, that the medium used to achieve that goal is neglected. Whether taking the time to write an excellent blog post, research the best keywords or tags to use, or create graphics and images which portray your brand in the best possible way, it is vital to consider not simply what you say, but how you say it.

3. Make content more effective by using content personalization

Consumers like to feel as though brands are speaking to them personally and are turned off by generic messaging. Content personalization may consist of anything from an email with a direct salutation using the subject’s name, to a personalized thank you letter in the mail. Whatever method you use, it is imperative to make consumers feel as though they are listened to and that you care about them. The Search Engine Journal notes:

According to a survey from Evergage, 93% of marketers use personalization for at least one channel in their digital marketing strategy.

This practice focuses on tailoring the content your site serves to different users based on readily available personal data like demographics, preferences, and search/browsing history.

According to the Evergage survey, most marketers agree that this tactic:

  • Helps deliver better customer experiences.
  • Increases customer loyalty.
  • Generates measurable ROI.

4. Build customer loyalty with authenticity and transparency

Speaking of personalized content, another way to gain the trust of consumers is to use an authentic voice, instead of hiding behind your brand. However, companies often inaccurately estimate how effectively they achieve authenticity, as per the SEJ:

  • 92% of marketers think the content they create oozes authenticity, but 51% of consumers think less than half of all brands accomplish this. However, when brands get authenticity right, the rewards are huge. A Cohn & Wolfe survey found almost 90% of consumers are willing to reward a brand’s authenticity by taking action:
    • 52% said they would recommend the brand to other people
    • 49% would give the brand their loyalty

5. Open your mind to a variety of different media forms

Don’t just settle for marketing in one media form. Don’t just have a blog for your brand. Utilize a variety of platforms with a variety of media types: Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook. If you only target one platform, you miss out on all the potential consumers who are more attracted to another type of media. Determine which platforms and media types your audience uses most frequently, and focus your marketing efforts there.

Let us know if these marketing tips work for you!