Email marketing, love it or hate it, has remained king in its unparalleled ability to directly reach a specific audience. But as with all tools, it requires TLC to be truly effective. The greatest challenge revolves around customer care (and the age-old adage that the customer is always right): how do you regularly contact your recipients about your cause or product without angering or annoying them?

There are some standard bad practices of email marketing that seem particularly good for eliciting the ire of subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Knowing this, the teams at Reachmail and Digital Third Coast identified some of the “most egregious behaviors and practices” commonly exhibited by email marketers.

If you identify anything on the list that you are “guilty” of committing, just keep reading to find out the counteraction you can take to minimize inciting your subscribers, and keeping your email marketing potential at its maximum.


Infographic discovered via Marketing Tech Blog.