Why has 2016 been such a disappointing year for phones? We’ve watched the iPhone 7 crash and burn with their latest ‘specialized headphone jacks’. The iOS 10 apparently is a dud, getting rid of the favorite pistol emoji, and replacing it with a water gun. Now, karma seems to be giving Samsung its due in retaliation for laughing at Apple’s multiple mishaps.

According to an article on CNN, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phone was a major fail. So much of a fail, that production has been halted for ‘quality assurance’. However, that is quite the understatement:

Samsung is putting the brakes on its beleaguered Galaxy Note 7 smartphone as fears spread that even replacement versions of the device can burst into flames.

The development is the latest in a string of embarrassing setbacks for Samsung over the Note 7, one of its flagship smartphones. It comes after cell phone carriers in the United States and Australia said they would stop offering replacement Note 7s following concerns that the new versions are no safer from fire risk than the originals.

Soon after making their debut in August of this year, comments started pouring in complaining that their phones were catching fire. At first, many assumed that this was due to charging the phone too long. However, more alarming reports starting to emerge, stating that the phone would start to issue smoke or burn the user while in use and not connected to any charging device. Even worse, the replacement phones they issued to repair the issue are causing an equal amount of havoc.

In the past week, an American user reported his replacement phone caught fire, even though it wasn’t plugged in. And on Wednesday, smoke started billowing from a replacement Galaxy Note 7 aboard a Southwest Airline plane before it departed, prompting the flight’s cancellation.

The Galaxy Note 7s have now become an issue of public safety. Users are getting legitimate burns from the phones overheating while being held. Other users are causing alarm as their phone issues smoke in public areas.  Not to mention that Samsung is probably feeling the burn as well as their stock dropped 4.6% in Seoul alone.  They’re going to have to make some quick decisions to keep their place in the technology industry.