Whether you’re a professional racing to finish up a critical presentation or a student feverishly prepping for midterm exams, work fatigue is something everyone has experienced. And sometimes the only way to power through is with the help of caffeine.

In its latest video ad campaign, Coca-Cola brings classic art to life in an effort to show consumers they can always rely on its iconic soda to give them a boost.

Coke: The Masterpiece

Dubbed “Masterpiece,” the ad tells the story of an exhausted art student who begins to fall asleep in the middle of a museum field trip. As his eyelids flutter closed and his head begins to nod, the characters in the art lining the walls look on with concern. Rather than leaving the lad to the wrath of his professor, the paintings and sculptures work together to steal the Coke bottle from an Andy Warhol painting and pass it to the student before it’s too late.

Fantastical as it is clever, the ad masterfully uses iconic artwork to weave together an engaging and relevant story in less than 120 seconds.

Watch it for yourself below: