Auto dealer Carvana is taking car advertising in a completely new direction with their recent marketing stunt. Wanting to make their presence known in Manhattan, they delivered three cars in giant take-out bags.

The delivery bags emphasized the easiness of using Carvana to purchase a car; you can simply select the vehicle you want online and have it delivered directly to your doorstep.

Ernie Garcia, founder and chief executive of Carvana, said of the promotion: 

New York City is the largest market we’ve launched to date, so it’s fitting we give it our largest celebration. New Yorkers are known for being mobile-first, so we’re proud to be the first to give them a fully start-to-finish mobile car buying experience; a service they’ve become accustomed to for much of their purchasing decisions.

The take-out bag cars were paraded around the city, crossing from Brooklyn and hitting popular NYC spots such as SoHo, Columbus Circle, Midtown, and Washington Square Park. The company also advertised on 250 digital LinkNYC units around the route and used the hashtag #TheNYCWayToBuyACar to generate conversation.

In a world where slimy used car salesman stereotypes abound, ordering a car online definitely has an appeal. While older generations may not be drawn to Carvana’s marketing techniques, the idea of purchasing a car as easily as ordering takeout certainly seems to appeal to millennials .