As a brand, it is vital to have a strong social media game. Ryan Oliver, head of brand strategy for the U.S. and Canada at Twitter, shares his picks for the most successful brands on the platform in 2018.

Best digital to physical activation – TV Show Silicon Valley

After the TV show poked fun at the food delivery trend with an app called “SliceLine,” they decided to make it real on Twitter by delivering free pizzas to users who tweeted #SliceLine and the pizza emoji. Some even arrived by drone!

Best six-second video – Tide

Tide’s “It’s a Tide ad” commercials were some of the best advertising of the year.

Best banter – Wendy’s and Little Debbie

Ryan Oliver states: “Nobody is better at Twitter banter than Wendy’s, and Little Debbie welcomed her fellow red-headed friend to a “Twitter talk show” back in March. The two brands interacted with each other in the same back-and-forth you would see on a talk show, providing the perfect forum for engaging and entertaining banter.”


Best product launch

Heinz created a poll asking followers if they should bring “mayochup” to stores in the U.S.


Best brand voice – KFC

KFC has certainly set itself apart with its quirky advertising across all mediums, including Twitter. One notable moment was the brand’s gift of an $11,000 scholarshipto a baby named Harland and born on the Colonel’s birthday.

Oliver remarks: “KFC has managed to establish its own brand voice by tapping into everyday moments, and surprising and delighting its followers along the way.”

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