Starting today, billboards advertising the latest season of BBC’s Peaky Blinders will be scattered across various locations in Britain. But you won’t find any staged cinematic shots or film freeze-frames here. Instead, each billboard features an original work of art created by a follower of the series. According to the Drum, BBC held a contest for fan art earlier this summer, promising winners the honor of being featured in a new advertising campaign for the show. The ploy was a great success, with BBC receiving over 1,200 entries. A handful of artists were selected and awarded £1000 each for their work.

Not Your Typical Advertisement

Not only did BBC’s contest present a fun way for them to interact with fans and create hype around the next season of Peaky Blinders, but it gave them access to a concentrated number of high-caliber artists. By calling on fans to submit their artwork, BBC received a vast quantity of quality content to use for their campaign without exorbitant additional costs. Because of the contest, BBC has been able to promote the show in a unique way that celebrates both the show and its followers.

The artwork featured in the ad campaign is distinctive and dramatic, garnering more attention than the typical advertisement.

The first rule of visual advertising is to catch the eye of the passerby. And with their latest play, Peaky Blinders knocked it out of the park.