At work, at home – for some people, it’s hard not to fidget. But now there is a whole new slew of toys designed just for that.

The first is the Fidget Cube, the product of a Kickstarter campaign which allows its users to click, roll, flip, glide, and spin plastic doodads affixed to its exterior. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and comes with a little attachment so you can attach it to a key chain or carry it around in your pocket.

Since the Fidget Cube, a number of imitators like Think Ink have emerged to keep restless hands busy.

The creators of the products told Digital Trends say that their new toy can increase work productivity.

We feel personally that fidgeting has been beneficial in our daily lives, such as when in meetings or while brainstorming. Since launching our product, we’ve had discussions with an incredible amount of mental health professionals and researchers in the fields of psychology and neuroscience who are interested in using Fidget Cube in their research. We’re excited to see the data that’s collected on this topic.

Since the product is so new, it’s impossible to say if it really does benefit its users. It may just be a gimmick, but it sure is fun.

Cover image via Kickstarter.