Wanelo, a social networking site for shoppers, has grown from 1 to 8 million users in six months, trashing its better funded competitors with its simple ability to link shoppers with the goods they want and the people that influence them. And its going to get even more valuable thanks to its new iOS app (also available on Android).

With these new mobile apps, users can search for influential people or hot brands, as well as products they are interested in. Following brands/people turns the app into a Pulse-style grid, allowing users to scroll through pictures and quickly find cool items to follow as well as where they are sold. Users can buy these items from the app, and purchases are instantly shared with their own followers.

The app is a huge step in a new direction for social media, and could really assist in the gift-giving process for a lot of hard-to-shop-fors on your Christmas list. But what do you think of this? Is it the type of service you’d use, or feature on your own website?