Friday morning, users of Amazon’s Alexa found themselves frustrated as Alexa failed to respond to their commands. The problem appears to have been caused by Alexa’s voice recognition servers being down.

The outage resulted in extreme difficulties, with users reporting having to physically get up to turn light switches on and off, and actually having to type things into Google to look them up.

Users reported repeated instances of Alexa saying, “I’m not sure what went wrong”, “sorry, something went wrong”, or a loud chime followed by “sorry, your echo dot lost its connection” and a red ring when confronted with requests.

The Alexa app was not affected, and users in Canada reported still being able to use Alexa.

The outage seems especially ironic in light of Amazon’s recent Super Bowl ad. (If you haven’t seen it, Alexa loses her voice, and different celebrities have to fill in for her.)

The outages were eventually resolved and Alexa is now back up and running.