After cities across the country competed to woo Amazon, the company has announced that their second headquarters, “HQ2,” will be in not just one, but two locations.

Arlington, Virginia, and Long Island City, New York, will be the HQ2 destinations for the company. Amazon also announced a third “non-headquarters” location in Nashville, that will house an “Operations Center of Excellence.” However, the announcement has been greeted with criticism on multiple sides.

Cities in the Midwest that were vying for the headquarters, such as Columbus, Ohio, are upset that Amazon would chose locations that have little need for an economic boost. Meanwhile, residents of the chosen cities are concerned that the decision will increase the already high cost of living in the areas and add a huge strain to the infrastructure.

Additionally, instead of the areas reaping tax benefits from Amazon, they have offered significant tax breaks to the company. This will make it difficult to maintain and expand the infrastructure to prepare for the added impact that Amazon will have.

Will the backlash against Amazon’s decision have a negative impact on the company? Or will the jobs created outweigh the criticism the company is currently facing? Moving forward, Amazon needs to demonstrate that they are invested in the community, not just their own corporate gains, if they want to make friends in New York and Virginia.