The future is now – Amazon delivered its first package by drone in Cambridge in the U.K. on Wednesday morning.

The first customer ordered ordered a Fire TV and a bag of popcorn – likely to be used at the same time. According to Amazon, it took the drone 13 minutes to deliver the 4.7 pound package to the man’s farmhouse after flying across the English countryside. Watch it here.

The first delivery was a success – like Domino’s pizza, Amazon’s goal is to deliver its packages to customers in 30 minutes or less. According to a spokeswoman, this goal should not be too hard to achieve. Already, 87% of the items sold on Amazon are under five pounds and are small enough to be carried by drone.

However, this first delivery also comes after three years of hype and regulatory hurdles. In fact, the only reason why the first delivery occurred in the U.K. is because the company still has been unable to legally deliver packages in the U.S. Regulations have bogged down Amazon especially in the U.S., as many people still do not trusts drones in private or governmental hands.

Drones are just a part of Amazon’s efforts to take control of its supply chain, so it can one day compete with major delivery companies like UPS and FedEx. Last year, the company leased 40 planes branded under Prime Air and bought a fleet of long-haul truck trailers to carry goods across the company’s own shipping network.