At a special event last week, Amazon introduced an updated Echo, as well as a host of accessories that can be paired with the Echo. Some are more practical than others.

For those who had trouble hearing the Echo Dot, fear no more. The new version of the home assistant has a 75 percent more powerful speaker, enhancing your listening experience. Amazon also introduced the Echo Auto, a new assistant designed specifically for the car. It can switch the song, call your friends, and even shut off appliances or lights you left on at home.

The accessories Amazon has introduced to pair with the devices are varied. For music lovers, there is the new Echo Sub, to boost your music’s bass. The Echo Input is a speaker-less Echo that you can connect to an existing speaker system. And the Echo Smart Plug is an understandable edition to the smart home suite, allowing any device plugged into it to be shut on and off through Alexa.

Perhaps the most ridiculous accessory is the Alexa microwave. It does not have built-in voice controls, but it can communicate with a paired Echo to respond to voice commands. There’s also an Alexa clock that visualizes your timers, and the Echo Link and Link Amp, which demonstrate Amazon’s desire to compete in the world of sound systems.

As smart home integrations become more prevalent, one wonders where the line will be drawn? At what point is privacy more valuable than convenience? Though many consumers laud Amazon and their products’ convenience, some are beginning to question the company’s motives. It will be interesting to see how the company handles issues of privacy moving forward, as their technology listens to conversations and controls everything from light switches to microwaves.