Did you know that Coca-Cola recently opened its first European popup shop in London’s Covent Garden square? With branded apparel and accessories, collectibles, and a mocktail bar serving sugary branded drinks, it’s a Coke-lover’s paradise.

The store is a temporary installation and will remain in place until September. Let’s take a peek at what’s inside.

Coca-Cola Trainers: £195 ($241)

For a mere £195, you can have this lovely pair of black trainers with a tiny Coca-Cola patch painted on the front. A true value.

Coca-Cola embossed varsity jacket: £98 ($121)

Feeling cold? Just grab this varsity jacket and you’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug. But you may have empty pockets after purchasing.

Collectible Coke bottles

Bottles, bottles, bottles EVERYWHERE!

Customizable Coke can

If you’re feeling fancy but parsimonious, you may simply want to opt for customizing your own Coke can at the store’s station with a personalized message and design – oo-la la! Or shall we say Co-la-la!

The Bar

The store’s mocktail bar offers a variety of Coke-based drinks, with limited-edition options themed with current events – such as the “Winner’s Cup” inspired by the FA Cup.

Historic fashion

The store also features clothing created in collaboration with Lee jeans. While the pinstripe jacket may seem like modern utility-chic, it is actually a replica of the original uniforms for the Coca-Cola bottlers, which were also designed by Lee.

Besides this location, Coca-Cola also has shops in Atlanta (where their headquarters are), Las Vegas, and Orlando. The addition of the Covent Garden popup is just one example of how the international company successfully manages over 450 brands in 200 countries under its unified “One Brand” global strategy.