Instagram has announced that users will now be able to post 60-second videos on the site, a sharp jump from the social network’s previous 15-second cap.

This update comes in the wake of Instagram’s announcement that users’ newsfeeds will now appear in an algorithm similar to that of Facebook, where promoted posts take precedence over organically circulated posts. This means that small businesses will struggle to keep up with bigger competitors in the future.

The 60-second video, however, offers a helping-hand to small businesses trying to promote their content on Instagram. Creators can now make more informational and higher quality videos. Here are six tips for making better Instagram videos:

1. Use editing apps.
You can make professional grade videos with just an iPhone, provided you have quality editing apps. Apps like Squaready, Instavid, Boomerang, and Hyperlapse are all free and add effects to your video that you could not access with just a phone camera.

iStock_000074334381_Medium2. Be consistent in content.
The best way to get ranked higher on a website is to consistently post good content. With Instagram this just means regularly posting videos that promote your brand in a cogent and aesthetically pleasing way. Simple as that.

3. Be aesthetically consistent.
In addition to presenting content that is consistently good, it is important to adopt a particular “look,” so your followers will be able to recognize the video as yours immediately.

4. Go behind the scenes.
Everyone loves to feel like they have been let in on a big secret. So, every now and then, let your followers in on your operation. Show them behind the scene clips of your team, or maybe of a daily process. Insights like these add a human element to your business’ persona.

5. Preview your longer content.
60 second videos offer a great opportunity for businesses to make “teaser trailers” for content that is only available on their website. Making teasers for longer content not only gets people watching your videos on Instagram, but it also is a call to action for them to check out your other content.

6. Be educational.
People love informational videos, but hate getting bored. If you can make your videos both educational and entertaining, you will have hit the sweet spot.

Sourcing via Social Media Today.