Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn earlier this week, you should start expecting to see a lot more from the social network in the near future. A quality LinkedIn account requires a different sort of approach than any other social network. Here are 6 things you absolutely want to avoid on LinkedIn.

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1. Don’t send standard connection requests, always personalize.
When you use LinkedIn on desktop, the site gives you the option to send standardized or personalized requests. Using the personalized request feature lets people know more about you, and makes them more likely to connect with you.

2. Don’t spam your groups.
Don’t just use LinkedIn for self-promotion. Instead, interact on other people’s posts and add value to discussions. While you should post things about you and your business every now and then, 70% of your interactions should be about other people, not you.

3. Don’t use a selfie as your profile picture.
LinkedIn is a “professional” social network. Selfies are unprofessional.

4. Don’t skip over your bio.
Your bio is the perfect place to let your followers know more about you and what you stand for. In addition, the words in your bio will show up in Google searches for your name, so this is a good way to put your best foot forward for anyone who looks you up on the internet.

5. Don’t forget to check your privacy settings.
Set your profile to “public.” If it is private no one can see it, and that defeats the purpose of your LinkedIn account.

6. Don’t ignore recommendations.
LinkedIn recommendations give you more credibility to anyone who searches you. So take advantage of them. Write recommendations for people you have enjoyed working with, and most likely, they will write one for you in return.

Sourcing via Social Media Today.