Thanks to the abundance and accessibility of smartphones, video has become key to any successful promotional strategy. However, even though most videos on Snapchat or Facebook Live are a shaky-camera mess, your videos don’t have to be.

Here are five simple tips for making smartphone videos that will beat the competition.

1. Act like a photographer.

There are several basic rules of photography you must follow for high quality video. For example, avoid recording someone standing directly in front of a bright light – it will make their features indiscernible in the video. Here is a full list.

2. Hold your phone straight.

This is a no-brainer, but it’s essential. Nothing screams amateur like a shaky camera. If you mess it up, however, don’t worry. Features like the Chromic app allow you to tilt video clips after you have them.

3. Avoid blurriness.

Smartphones are great because the lens are automatic, so all you need to do to avoid blurriness is tap the offending section, and the phone’s software will do the rest.

4. Use your phone as a camera.

When shooting longer videos, put you phone in airplane mode to conserve battery. Nothing drains batteries faster than video, and you wouldn’t want your phone to die mid-shoot. In addition, when not in airplane mode, the phone components of the phone – WiFi and cellular notifications – can make noises that will disrupt the quality of your video

5. Remember that less is more.

You’re making videos with a smartphone – don’t try to be fancy. It isn’t equipped for that. The best smartphone videos are straightforward affairs, shots without attempts at pans or zooms.

Adapted from the Wall Street Journal.