In this past year, video has increasingly become a more popular medium for businesses to present their content. Though most all social networks provide some sort of video option, the best place to use video is Facebook, simply because it is the most widely used social network.

Since video became easily accessible on Facebook, 80% of all Facebook video interactions come via videos directly uploaded. This opens a lot of doors for small businesses looking to get their names out there.

Video app on smartphone screen. Watch and share digital content.

Here are a couple of tips for crafting an eye-catching Facebook video:

1. Focus on the first few seconds.
Facebook videos silently auto-play in the users’ Newsfeed. It is important then to make those first few seconds visually arresting. No need for a wordy intro. Just grab their attention.

2. Tease the viewer with an interesting status.
Once your audience has seen the video silently auto-playing in the Newsfeed, there had better be a catchy caption so they actually watch it.

3. Make shorter videos.
It is a fact that people have short attention spans. So, compensate by packing all your material into a concise video. If you want to make longer form content, consider adding a call to action near the end that directs the viewer to a longer video.

3. Be unique and evoke emotion.
Since video has become such a popular medium, you business must strive to be unique. The best way to do that is to strive to eveoke emotion through presentation specific to your particular business.

4. Answer questions.
Use video to lend your followers a helping hand. Visually presenting answers to frequently asked questions about your business or product adds a personal touch to your brand.

5. Add a call to action.
Facebook offers prefabricated call-to-action buttons like “Shop Now,” “Sign Up,” or “Learn More.” Use these to your advantage, and draw more viewers into your brand.

Of course, Facebook is not the only social media platform where businesses can promote themselves with video. Check out Social Media Today for advice on how to grab your audience’s attention on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Vine.